The End.


We have about one hour left in New Orleans. At the conclusion of this epic, we will return to the 505 fatter, more appreciative, and loaded with memories.

The work done this week was both meaningful and rewarding. This adventure was more than a community service experience; it was a reminder of humanity’s continued resilience in the face of adversity. From mucking out horse stalls to cultivating a garden, every project gave us an opportunity to make a positive impact while learning more about this great city and its vibrant history. During our time at the Lower Ninth Ward, we had the opportunity to interact with some of NOLA’s senior citizens. Losing to these professional Bingo players, working on arts and crafts, and dancing gave us the opportunity to learn about the city’s culture and the spirit of the people. After having lost so much, the people of New Orleans have not forgotten who they are. The people are welcoming. The culture is vibrant. And like the great Mississippi on the United States, NOLA has left its mark on our lives.

We can’t come up with one word to describe the city, our experiences here, or how we have all changed for the better. It is more than “The Big Easy,” it is larger than the Crescent City, it’s bigger than the Mardi Gras celebrations, and it’s longer than Bourbon. The summation of all these things amount to the whole that is Nawlins. And that is something we have come to appreciate. With all that in mind, we begin the adventure home to New Mexico where we will continue the work we started here. When Lorraine said, “Ya’ll come back now! Ya hear,” we knew this amazing adventure was not over. Many of us will find our way back.

Thank you NOLA.


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