Kicking off ASB 2014 at Rescue Ranch!

What a busy and productive day! We started bright and early with a delicious breakfast from Loraine’s kitchen and traveled to the first site! We went to the Rescue Ranch, an awesome non-profit of New Orleans, which takes in abused and abandoned horses and supports the community too with services ranging from equine therapy to an intensive after school program.Image

Mrs. Lori started us off with an orientation and put us to work mucking almost 30 horse and animal stalls, grooming the horses and ponies, and taking in the facility’s overflowing redemption. Mrs. Lori, the founder and owner of Rescue Ranch told us so many stories of her true selflessness, love for others, and the reward of hard work and standing strong despite any challenge. At the very end of our visit Mrs. Lori and her mustang Tank gave us a demonstration of the horse language, equus. We also learned To learn more about Lori’s mission, visit:

Once we got back from the ranch, we helped clean up at Camp Restore, hit the showers, had bell pepper casserole and peach cobbler for dinner, then took off again for a ghost tour around the French Quarters! Spooky stuff! Did you know one of the most haunted mansions in New Orleans was owned by Nickolas Cage? Neither did we!

We have another great project lined up for tomorrow so off to bed we go!


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