Day 2

Well I think we are starting to get the hang of gardening and construction now! Day 2 was another split day into groups at our two locations: a farm sponsored by ARC and the Alabama Street house project.

The farm group helped with gardening work at the lush and gorgeous ARC farm. They pulled weeds, planted veggies and helped out where needed. The ARC charity sells produce and flowers from their farm to fund their services. I think we may have some new green thumbs in our group! The construction group got to go back to the Alabama Street house project to help with more detail work. De-Keita filled us in on the story of the homeowners. The older brother of the property died shortly after Hurricane Katrina and left his home to his younger brother. The younger brother has suffered from brain damage since he was 16 months old and must be on 24/7 care. Fortunately, Camp Restore has been able to raise money for his house entirely from charitable donations! Walter, the head of construction for the project says this house will be the fastest house that Restor has built because it is all done “in house.”

After our project sites, we came back to Camp Restore to help serve dinner to other campers and cleanup. Then, we visited the famous Creole Creamery for NOLA’s best ice cream and then took a ferry ride to the West Bank. Now we are drifting off to get some rest before another fun day. Good night!













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