Final Day

Although we were sad to have to say goodbye so quickly, we made the most of our last day. It started with a fun trip to the Riverwalk for a stroll and shopping. It was a gorgeous day to walk along the water and soak up the New Orleans sun. After, we ate lunch and headed to our last day at our site. We completed all the drywalling and mudding for the week and had a wonderful surprise… We got to meet Pamela Clark, the homeowner! She is a lovely and gracious woman who has strong ties to NOLA. She told us how much she is looking forward to being able to move back into her home. Pamela noted that although the neighborhood has had some minor changes, everything is almost back to normal. Her best friend even still lives down the street from her! It was a delight to meet Pamela because it gave us a personal connection and purpose to the work we have been doing all week.

After we said our goodbyes to our site, we showered for a night on the town. We enjoyed fresh seafood at Deanie’s (another NOLA must-do) and walked around Bourbon Street. It was a fantastic end to this adventure. Until next year, we hope NOLA continues to “fleur”ish!















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