Day 4

Today was a beautiful day to visit a levee and explore the Garden District. After visiting a levee trail, Josh had a great idea to ride the streetcars around NOLA. The streetcar ride was an amazing experience because we got to see the Garden District and Downtown areas without having to deal with the growing traffic during the noon hour. Definitely a must-do! After the streetcar ride, we quickly ate our packed lunch in the Garden District and quickly drove back to our site. Again, we added the final touches of dry walling and mudding. This process seems so complex and tedious because we’re constantly checking, re-doing and improving our skills. Although it’s only been three days, I feel like we’ve already learned so much. I am starting to feel a sense of pride in our house.

After we were done at the site, we took off for a St. Bernard Parish volunteer appreciation dinner at our favorite spot from last year, Tony’s. We met a few SBP staff and talked to them about their experiences in NOLA. About 60 Americorps members work for SBP on 10 month long contracts and the great part is that you don’t even have to have prior experience to be a site coordinator. Seems like a fun gig!

After dinner, we came back to Camp Restore for a few rounds of Apples to Apples, the group’s favorite game so far. Good night!













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