Day 3

Day 3 was eventful until we crashed around midnight! We woke up at 6:00 a.m. to serve breakfast to the other 300 Camp Restore campers. It felt good to give back to our home away from home. After we finished, we got ready to go on a tour of the St. Louis Cemetery. Our tour guide, Charles, was so knowledgable about Voodoo and NOLA culture. Many of his ancestors are buried in the famous above-ground cemetery and he pointed them out along the way. The cemetery has over 100,000 bodies and can fit more as needed. He showed us the tomb Nicholas Cage has on reserve and it looks like a giant white pyramid. Afterwards, Charles took us to Congo Square so we could have a picnic. Then we headed back to our site for more dry walling and mudding. We are starting to see our progress on the house as the walls are put up and holes covered with mud.

After work, we came back to Camp Restore for dinner and headed out to Bourbon Street for some exploring.












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