Day 2

We took off this morning for our first look at NOLA during the day. We got to walk around the North Shore and Bourbon Street, which, turns out, is much tamer during the day. Josh made a friend with someone who noticed we were from New Mexico. Turns out he’s from Albuquerque and was in NOLA filming with a movie crew. He mentioned Samuel L. Jackson and other big name stars were filming there as well! After some sight-seeing, we visited the St. Bernard Project for our orientation and to receive our first project. Much like last year, the volunteer coordinator told us we were helping to fill a much-needed disparity in St. Bernard Parish. Our first house was in the beginning stages, so we all got experience with dry walling and mudding. At the the end of the day, our site director, Alex told us it was the best mudding job he’s ever seen. What can we say, we’re nearly professionals by now. We left our site with the rewarding feeling because you could plainly see the hard work we completed today. Then, we came back to Camp Restore for dinner and went on a search for the Creole Creamery, the best ice cream in NOLA. It was fantastic, with so many flavors to choose from. A few of us have even been waiting for it since last year. Now it’s off to bed early since we have early morning breakfast duty at Camp Restore. Good night!

















One thought on “Day 2

  1. Dry wall is the worst! Impressive that you tackled a truly difficult job. They probably saved it just for you b/c no one else wanted to do it!

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