Day 5

Today was our last day at Clayton House and it flew by fast. We were able to “close the door” on two bedrooms; Chanel and her daughter’s! The two were completely finished… until electrical installations. Nathan, our site leader, told us the finishing stage is one of the most tedious but that our work was noticeable throughout the house. We are so proud of the work we accomplished and the skills we gained. Anyone need some detail work done?

In conclusion, we all agree that the trip was a memorable and worthy experience. Although St. Bernard Parish still has many residents still without homes, St Bernard Project makes a huge impact on the need. “It’s all because of our volunteers,” Laura told us the first day. Thank you for supporting us on our trip and check out St Bernard Project’s website for ways you can help and spread the word!


One thought on “Day 5

  1. I’ve so loved keeping up with ya’ll’s journey. Great job on the blog, pictures, and of course your service! Ya’ll inspire me 🙂

    Hallee- props on the Aggie shirt!

    Can’t wait to see ya’ll when you get home and hear all the great stories ya’ll have!!!

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