Day 4

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This day was more of the same (baseboards, caulking, touch-up painting, etc.) but with another special treat: we met the Clayton’s other daughter, Chanel! Chanel and her daughter will be living in the house with her parents when the project is complete. We were so honored to meet her and learn more about the Clayton family. She and her sister Kimberly have seen the house built from the ground up and have a humbling perspective of the process. Chanel said she does not mind when volunteers make mistakes, “You should have seen it when we were putting the drywall up! It was torn up with so many mistakes!” She said it adds character to the house and even suggested for volunteers to write their name by their mess-ups. She told us that many volunteers go home and use their new skills right away. This has been one unexpected perk of the trip: learning new house maintenance skills. By the end of Day 3, we all knew how to use power tools like the electric saw and nail gun and left with all our limbs. After meeting Chanel, we felt a new element of closeness to the house; we were putting together her room. She would enjoy our hard work for years to come. The project became a home.

After the rewarding day at the Clayton house, we ventured out to New Orleans for St. Paddy’s celebrations (there were many to be had). We saw the Superdome for Nate, then drove around the Garden District and noticed crowds of people on Magazine Street. Thinking it was a parade, we parked and walked towards the scene. Turns out it was a block party! We moved on in search of fresh seafood. Three hours later, we landed on delicious Deanie’s Seafood at the Quarter and then to Bourbon Street for the wildest St. Paddy’s Day parade where we were surrounded by swarms of green-clad people, beads, and feathers! Needless to say, Bourbon Street knows how to host an enormous dance party!


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