Day 3

We received a new project and site coordinator today, here’s the story: Laura Clayton, 63 and her husband returned after Katrina to a home in ruins. Their house had been demolished by on accident despite the fact that Laura’s husband had worked for the city for 12 years. Her husband is on medical retirement and the two want to return home to settle closer to their family. St Bernard Project passed along a message from her to us,

“I appreciate to the highest what they are doing. They are doing something for people who have not. To help people who can help them back is one thing, but when people help people that can’t help back, that’s what you’re getting blessed.”

Nathan, our site coordinator, showed us around the Clayton’s beautiful 2-story house. The site used to be a duplex but has now transformed into one complete home. The most special part of the day was when we met Laura’s daughter, Kimberly Clayton. She welcomed us to New Orleans and gave us ideas for places to dine around St Bernard Parish, especially to try eggplant fries. After the day’s work was done, we treated ourselves to two orders of them at Tony’s. Try them out if you ever head out to St Bernard Parish, they are irresistible! It looks like we’ll be at the Clayton House for the remainder of the week. We look forward to seeing Kimberly soon!  Stay tuned for more!


2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Looks like you’re hard at work and having a great time doing it! Keep up the great work in helping others and making us Lobos proud!

  2. So excited to see you guys volunteering 🙂 I can’t wait to hear the stories when you come back to campus! Be safe, have fun, we’ll see you all soon!


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