Day 2

We got up and drove out to the St. Bernard Project for our first day at  our project. Our project coordinator, Laura, gave us an orientation on the aftermath of Katrina and how effective St. Bernard Project has been in rebuilding the lives of homeowners in St Bernard. In short, Katrina was only a level 3 hurricane but due to the levy break, it destroyed about 97% of St Bernard Parish, the biggest destruction in American history. There were about 400,000 residents of St Bernard Parish (Parish = county) affected by the disaster. St. Bernard Project was established in March 2006 and has since rebuilt over 350 homes by the help of their volunteers. This is the most out of any other Katrina relief projects! We are proud to be a part of their efforts.

Our project was to help with the restoration of Cynthia Bowley’s house today. She has been in Mississippi since the hurricane and is so grateful for St Bernard Project. Our “tool” leader Aaron, who has seen the entire house go up, told us that the house was at the finishing stages thanks to all the volunteer efforts. In the past six weeks, he has seen about 100 volunteers. We helped with top coats of paint, caulking, and cleaning Cynthia’s house.

After the rewarding day of work, we are looking forward to watching some local jazz bands in downtown New Orleans! Stay tuned for more on our adventures. Thank you for your support!


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